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British plum produce tray with polythene cover

produce trays, boxes & punnets COVERS

Our custom flexible packaging covers ensure your produce remains in optimal condition whilst travelling through the supply chain. These lightweight covers provide a secure barrier to fresh produce trays, boxes, and punnets, helping minimise spoilage and accidental damage.


  • Provide a secure barrier, adding extra protection to your fresh produce.

  • Customise to fit any size or shape: tray, box, or punnet.

  • Optional ventilation holes allow for changes in humidity and climate, keeping your produce in optimum condition. 

  • Lightweight and low-profile to maximise transit capacity.

  • Available with self-adhesive tape for extra security.

  • Plain or printed to suit your needs.

  • Choose from polythene (LDPE & HDPE), polypropylene (CPP), and compostable and biodegradable film.

Extra Protection

Cardboard packaging is the natural choice for moving fresh fruit and vegetables through the supply chain. These trays and boxes optimise transit capacity whilst protecting their load.

Our poly covers complement these containers by adding protection on top. They hold the fresh produce in place, reducing spoilage and accidental damage. And as they are low-profile, you can still stack the containers together.

Custom Made

Our film covers can be tailor-made for any size tray, box, or punnet, including Fefco patterns. We design them to include bespoke die-cut incisions that securely fix around your chosen produce container. For complex-shaped containers or extra security, we can add self-adhesive strips.


If your produce needs to breathe during transit, we can add extra perforations and punches to our covers. These ventilation holes will allow for changes in humidity and climate, keeping your fruit and vegetables in optimum condition.  


For a final touch, we can add printing to our poly covers to complement your produce trays, boxes, and punnets. We can add logos and graphics in up to 8 colours, elevating your brand's visual impact.


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