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Loaf of bread in a Norpol wicketed poly bag
Red and grey custom Norpol mailing poly bags.
British plum box with poly cover made by Norpol Packaging

About us

Norpol Packaging was originally formed to manufacture plain and printed wicketed bags for the food industry. We are based in Louth, so we are at the very heart of the fresh produce growing and food producing county of Lincolnshire. But over the years our reputation has spread further afield, and our polythene bags are now being used all over the UK. We even export abroad to EU nations. 


Following rapid growth, the business moved to its current site in Louth over 30 years ago, enabling it to expand to manufacture a wide range of polythene and polypropylene bags, as well as other film based packaging products to suit practically any industry or purpose.


Today there is hardly an industry or service sector that Norpol Packaging doesn't supply. Naturally the food producers are still at the heart of the business, but alongside that you'll find our polythene bags and film packaging used everywhere. In areas such as bags for mailing and e-commerce delivery, gift packaging, retail packaging, medical specimen and waste bags, bags for transit packaging, and general industrial or service sector bags. It's impossible to give you an exhaustive list of the different types of polythene packaging we cater for, because we tailor packaging solutions to fit anything. But if your need is to protect, preserve, wrap and seal, deliver or transport products and items in any form of film based packaging, then we've got it covered. 

Norpol Packaging is fully committed to providing sustainable and environmental packaging. We offer products that are part and fully recycled, as well as manufacturing compostable and biodegradable packaging.  

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