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Flexible packaging solutions
for the food industry

Norpol Packaging is a leading supplier of flexible packaging to clients within the food industry. There are no barriers to which area in the food industry that our packaging is used. Our bags and film are used by both food processors and manufacturers, as well as by produce growers. Whilst not exclusive, the notable areas where we excel includes supplying packaging for:

  • all types of fresh fruit

  • vegetables

  • salad

  • bakery products

Our products are supplied on the reel, as sheets or as individual bags. As well as being one of the most highly regarded manufactures of wicketed bags. Wicketed bags are supplied as padded blocks of bags, on wire wickets, which enables for easy product filling and packing. We have two in-house machines to make the wire wickets. 

printing & converting

Norpol Packaging prides itself on being experts in the field of printing, whilst also being extensively equipped to convert film into many different formats.

Your packaging can be printed by flexographic printing technology in up to 8 colours. This enables us to print using both high definition CMYK process colours, as well as specific spot pantone colours.


Converting film into finished product is the final stage of production. Our machinery enables us to convert film to sheets, into reels, or into individual bags. We can seal on the bottom edge or the side edge of a bag, and we can also make bags with gussets. Bespoke cutting to shape isn't a problem either, neither is perforating and punching. We have a really clever and extensive range of converting and finishing options available.

Fresh produce packed in flexible food packaging on a supermaket shelf
Rice packed in two printed polythene bags
Apples packaged in poly bags
Fresh carrots packed in food-safe polythene bag


Quality is the cornerstone of our success, and when it comes to manufacturing flexible packaging for the food industry, this is underpinned by procedures and standards designed to meet the requirements of The BRCGS Packaging Materials Global Standard. Service is equally important to us, and our production facility is geared to offering a fast and efficient service, even when supplying bespoke products. 

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