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Picture of St James' Church, Louth taken from the Lincolnshire Wolds

Louth, Lincolnshire. 

A beautiful view of the iconic spire of St James' Church with the North Sea coastline on the horizon.

We make recyclable, compostable, biodegradable and recycled packaging.

Caring for the environment

All of the film we use is 100% recyclable, so it can easily be returned back to its original state to be remade into packaging again. This has a positive impact on film usage and the environment, and helps to reduce carbon footprint.

Norpol Packaging Ltd also manufacture packaging products from both 100% recycled and part recycled raw materials.

Working alongside internationally recognised raw material manufacturers, we also manufacture packaging using Biodegradable and Compostable films.

We offer fully biodegradable and certified Home compostable films and bags. 

GMO and plasticizer free, our thermoplastic material contains natural potato starch and other biologically sourced polymers.

The films produced are compostable according to EN13432 having achieved OK Compost HOME certification and Seedling Logo awarded by TÜV  Austria.


The outcome of this is we contribute and help to improve efficiencies and reduce the environmental impact across our product cycle and have a positive effect on carbon foot print worldwide.


When you appreciate where we are located, you will understand why we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously as a manufacturer of packaging products. 

Norpol Packaging Ltd is located in the idyllic Lincolnshire market town of Louth. Louth is situated right at the very heart of the rolling Lincolnshire Wolds. As you approach Louth from all directions, you can't fail to notice the spire of the impressive St James' Church, a church notable for having the third tallest spire in the whole of the United Kingdom. In the distance there are beautiful vistas of open countryside, sprawling agricultural landscapes, and views of the wonderful Lincolnshire coastline which is only a short trip up the road.


We have it all on our doorstep. The beauty of the countryside, wildlife, golden sandy beaches, the sea and marine life, with thousands of grey seal pups being born on our shoreline every year. And if that isn't enough, we are only minutes away from the Humber Estuary bank, where investment is well under way to make the Humber, and Grimsby in particular, the UK capital of the renewable energy industry, delivering a low carbon economy. 


Considering all of this, it will come as no surprise that our team consists of a great group of people that are very conscious of our surroundings, and the need to focus on delivering environmentally friendly solutions. 

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