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wicketed bags

Our wicketed poly bags streamline packing thanks to their ease of use. The bags are custom-made for multiple applications, including bread, fresh produce, mailing, and automated production lines.


  • Easy to fill, making packing more efficient.

  • Bespoke sizes on a short lead time.

  • Wickets can fix to countertops, belts, or production lines.

  • Consistent tear-off strength.

  • Available with gussets for deep filling.

  • Optional ventilation holes allow heat and moisture to escape.

  • Multiple materials are available, including food-grade polythene (LDPE & HDPE) and polypropylene (CPP), recycled, compostable and biodegradable film.

  • Customise to include handles, self-adhesive strips, and printing.

Streamline Packing

Wicketed bags get their name from the wire wicket that holds the bags neatly stacked together. Having the bags on a wicket means the operative has both hands free to pack, increasing efficiency. Once filled, the bag can be easily torn off the wicket, ready to pack the next one.


Wickets can be mounted virtually anywhere: on a countertop, for a bakery or shop; worn on a belt, for harvesting lettuces, cabbages, and other fresh produce in a field; or on a production line, for semi and fully automated production.


Gussets add extra capacity to poly bags by adding depth. Gussets are perfect for items such as, bread loaves, potatoes, and nappies. We are able to add gussets to the sides or bottom of our wicketed bags to suit your packing needs.


For packing fresh produce, we can punch ventilation holes in the poly bag to allow the produce to breathe. Micro perforations allow bread to be bagged warm without the crust going soft. Die cut holes help fruit and vegetables expel excessive moisture.


Our wicketed poly bags are highly customisable. As well as making them to any size, we are able to add handles or euro slots for convenient hanging.

Once filled, the bags can be closed using a heat sealer. Alternatively, we can include resealable or permanent self-adhesive tape for securing them.


As a final touch, logos and graphics can be added to our bags to elevate your brand's visual impact. Our flexographic printer can print in up to 8 colours to help your bags standout.


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