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brcgs Certification

Norpol Packaging Ltd are expert manufacturers of food grade packaging.

Our films are of food grade production standard. This gives our customers confidence in our products, and allows us to build and maintain longstanding relationships.

We have supplied food packaging for many years, working with major food manufacturers and processors. In doing so we provide full traceability of raw materials in their supply chain. Quality is the cornerstone of our success, and we employ the highest standards of quality procedures alongside our manufacturing processes, to ensure that our customers have full confidence in using our products. 

Rigorous standards, procedures and controls ensure that the necessary levels are maintained to satisfy the demands of our customers. This is essential in the food markets and gives our customers confidence when supplying their own product.

Our commitment to provide our customers with total confidence has been underpinned by our decision to become BRCGS Certified in the next few months. We are well under way in formalising certification with the help of  Cravenglow Consultants Limited 

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