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Our tailor-made box and tray liners form a lightweight, protective barrier around the contents of your chosen container. These gusseted bags protect from water, dust, and dirt, making them ideal for food, agricultural and industrial packing.


  • Add a protective barrier stopping water, dust, and dirt.

  • Made from food-grade plastic film.

  • Suitable for both cardboard and plastic boxes and trays, including Dolav.

  • Custom-made to fit any size.

  • Strong and tear-resistant to prevent contamination.

  • Available clear or tinted in a range of colours.

  • Optional perforations make the liners breathable.

  • Printing available, ideal for displaying fresh produce in shops.

Stops Cross Contamination

These bags line a box or tray to stop the contents from contaminating the container and vice versa. They also prevent any unwanted objects from getting in.

Our team custom makes our liners to fit any size box or tray, with any gauge of film, to ensure they are strong enough for their purpose. The bags can include an overhang to fold over the edge of the container, holding them in place whilst packing.

Food Grade Plastic Film

We make our box and tray liners from either virgin polythene (LDPE) or polypropylene (CPP), so they are safe for all types of food processing, including meat, fish, fresh produce, bakery and frozen. They are also 100% recyclable, reducing your carbon footprint.


By adding perforations, we can make our liners breathable. Punched holes help keep fresh produce in optimal condition by allowing air to circulate and excess moisture to escape.


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