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Norpol Packaging are a trusted trade supplier to other packaging companies and merchants. We offer a confidential service, where we partner many well known packaging businesses to provide them with an additional resource. In doing so, we are comfortable in handling the complete job, undertaking every aspect, from sourcing raw materials, printing, and converting into finished product. We can also take on your work and perform any of our services working with your own material.

Operative making large polythene bags

trade merchants & resellers

We recognise that the route to market for many forms of packaging is through packaging merchants and resellers. Organisations that, in many cases, carry inventory stocks of commonly used packaging items, as well as being comfortable in supporting their clients with the supply of bespoke packaging. Norpol Packaging has a long history of supporting the trade, and we are widely respected as a trusted trade supplier of LDPE polythene products for resale. 

Wicketing machine for making wicketed bags

TRADE Packaging companies

When manufacturers of flexible packaging need a helping hand, they choose Norpol Packaging time and again as an additional manufacturing resource. Whether that is to produce products in their entirety, or merely to perform finishing operation to convert customers own film into bags or sheets.

We have built up a large network of reputable packaging businesses that we work closely with. Often because we can help them to supply products that they don't ordinarily make themselves. Or even when they need to be able to rely on us to lend a helping hand when they need additional finishing and converting capacity.


Our production department contains a very diverse range of converting and bag making machinery, enabling us to tackle any specification for side weld bags, bottom bottom weld bags, gusseted bags, wicketed bags, and clever sheeted and die cut film products. It's a very impressive toolbox that gives you access to many of the variables needed in the flexible packaging world. So, if you are in need of some additional or new production resource, then don't hesitate to contact us. 

Flexographic printing machine
Polythene on the roll ready to be converted into plastic bags
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