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Garment Bags & laundry film

We specialise in the manufacture of packaging and covers for both retail and e-commerce clothing sales, as well as the garment covers and film used in the laundry and dry cleaning trade. 

packaging for retail clothing

Garment bags are perfect for retail display, and for protecting clothing from dirt and dust.


Bags can have a ‘peel and seal’ strip. Safety warning notices can be printed on the bags, as well as any decorative branding as required. Optional punched holes  can be incorporated. 


These bags are popular for storing clothing for retail, and also within the wholesale and removals industry for  protecting clothing during removals and storage.


Our Dry Cleaner Film and Bags are specially designed to protect various sizes of garments used by dry cleaners, laundry services, and retailers. The PE film is available as bags on rolls with optional sloped shoulders and is fully optimised for both automatic equipment and manual operations.

Continuous Lay Flat Tubing and Gusseted Lay Flat Tubing can be supplied. Any reel weight can be produced to meet various specifications. This type of film can be printed with a “Safety Warning” logo.

Both Single Wound Sheet and Centre Fold Sheet can be produced for use on both L Sealers and Sleeve Sealers. These two types of films can, if needed, be micro perforated. The minimum thickness for garment film is 20 microns.

In addition to the above we can also supply Shaped Bags on a Roll with an Interrupted Seal. The tear-off can be any length from 500mm to 2134mm. These are suitable for use in laundries, clothing manufacturers/processors and dry cleaners. Gusseted Lay Flat Tubing up to 610mm x 813mm is produced especially for Bridal Gowns.

Straight Seal tear-off bags on a roll can also be produced for over bagging with a minimum thickness of 30microns. Again this can be printed with a “Safety Warning” logo.

All of our garment film has excellent sealing properties,

high-clarity, and high-gloss finish for clear view of the contents within.

Two blue shirts packed in protective polythene garment bags
Rail full of shirts and jackets each protected with a polythene garment cover
Women handing over three hung shirts all wrap in a clear garment cover
Clothes with garment covers hanging at a dry cleaners
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